Amazing Alaska!
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Amazing Alaska!

Fall in Love with Alaska through Interesting Fun Facts and Fantastic Stories for the Entire Family

How well do you REALLY know Alaska? 


Do you know:
  • How Bob Ross, his happy little trees and Alaska are all connected? 
  • Why hikers in Alaska don’t have to worry about poison ivy? 
  • What Alaskans call “Alaskan Sneakers”?
  • How much the U.S. paid for Alaska?
  • Why Alaskans plug in their cars during the winter? 

Inside this THREE-HOUReasy-to-read book, you’ll fall in love with Alaska as you discover over 700 wild and interesting fun facts and larger-than-life stories perfect for the entire family!


Whether you’re an Alaska native, a trivia buff, or an adventure seeker, this book promises to delight, enlighten, and surprise you.


Quiz Yourself!

As a fun bonus and to test how well you and your friends REALLY know Alaska, there’s a fun short quiz with answers at the end to test your Alaskan knowledge.

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Over 700 Weird, Fun, and Interesting Facts about all things Alaska



Potatoes were very valuable during the gold rush because they helped prevent scurvy, a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C. Fresh fruits and vegetables were scarce in the Klondike, and potatoes were one of the few vegetables that could be grown locally. Miners would sometimes trade potatoes for other goods or services.


Alaska is one of the happiest places to live in America. Alaskans tend to have a sense of purpose, strong social and community bonds, and live in a place where exercise and physical activity is almost as common as breathing.


Moose-buggies have giant tires, a roll bar or cage, a crane and a winch. These giant tires can sometimes be 50 inches (127 cm) to keep them from getting stuck in mud bogs. The roll cage is to protect passengers in case the vehicle rolls and you end up upside-down. The crane-and-winch system is what you can use to haul your trophy moose out of the woods and back home to fill yours and your neighbors’ freezers. 

What Readers are Saying...

I LOVE the book!!!
Jenn J.
Beta Reader
I just finished your book! I really enjoyed it! I’ve wanted to go to Alaska for a long time and have been interested in things about Alaska so this went quick for me and was enjoyable reading. I learned a lot.
Catherine P.
Beta Reader
I loved it! It's as if we're all visiting over a cup of coffee. The Chapter on the Iditarod Race - it has lots of good detail (e.g., do we dare say, behind the scenes?) I liked that the measurements are both in both "English" and "Metric" and enjoyed the "Fun & Chuckle-Worthy" Chapters at the end of the book.
Loretta C.
Beta Reader
What a fun and fascinating read! There is SO MUCH information in this short book to absorb that I will spend a lot of time reading and rereading it, and sharing tidbits with friends and family!
Vickie C.
Beta Reader
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Five Stars Readers' Favorite Reviews

Amazing Alaska! was awarded three separate 5-Star reviews from Readers’ Favorite reviewers. Read more below.

Amazing Alaska! is a useful guide filled with details and quirky laws found in this stunning state. It is perfect for travelers, students, and those interested in learning more about Alaska.
Liz Konkel
Readers' Favorite Reviewer
Learn some fun facts and trivia about one of the most gorgeous states of America with "Amazing Alaska!" by Marianne Jennings. "Amazing Alaska!" is a must-read for anyone who is a traveler or an adventurer, or even someone who just loves to learn about exotic places.
Pikasho Deka
Readers' Favorite Reviewer
Marianne Jennings relates the beauty and mystery of the largest state in the United States in a fun and informative way. Readers will be amazed by the facts they learn as they read through the text. Jennings has a narrative style that engages readers, so they keep turning pages. The sections are short and full of information but clearly labeled, so readers can jump into a topic that interests them or devour the book from beginning to end.
Courtnee Turner Hoyle
Readers' Favorite Reviewer

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About the Author

Marianne Jennings Author

Marianne Jennings is a best-selling and award-winning author. 

She is an adventure craver and an adventure addict. She goes on crazy adventures with people she’s never met, isn’t afraid to try new things like learning to sail in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean even though she’s prone to seasickness and proudly holds the title of favorite aunt to her ten nieces and nephews.

Marianne is a lover of new foods, new experiences and wants to be remembered for being kind and generous.

She loves fun facts and trivia like a sled dog loves the thrill of racing across the frozen tundra and a gold prospector loves striking it rich in the rugged Alaskan wilderness.


To help introduce other places, people, and cultures to others, she likes to share interesting and fun facts that are entertaining and memorable.

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