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So You Think You Know Canada, Eh?

Fascinating Fun Facts and Trivia about Canada for the Entire Family

Gold Medal Winner and #1 Bestseller in both Canadian Travel & Trivia and Fun Facts – This collection of silly & interesting facts is about Canada, the kind people who live there, all things maple syrup, hockey & lacrosse, its unique history, the breathtaking nature, & words to help you speak Canadian. 

Amazing Alaska!

Fall in Love with Alaska through Interesting Fun Facts and Fantastic Stories for the Entire Family
Think You Know Alaska? Think Again. 
If you think Alaska is all about polar bears and Northern Lights, prepare to be amazed. From Glaciers to Grizzlies, discover over 700 fun and quirky facts that even most locals don’t know.

Everything About Astronauts Vol. 1

Fascinating Fun Facts and Trivia about Astronauts
for Teens and Adults

Volume 1 covers entertaining topics about what it takes to become an astronaut, how astronauts trained to go to the Moon, little-known facts about famous astronauts and so much more.

Everything About Astronauts Vol. 2

Fascinating Fun Facts and Trivia about Astronauts
for Teens and Adults

Volume 2 is all about what it’s like to live and work in space, what foods astronauts can and can’t eat, random space records, weird space injuries and so much more.

Quirky Careers & Offbeat Occupations of the Past, Present & Future

Exploring Weird, Wacky and Interesting
Jobs You Never Knew Existed

This isn’t your standard career guide. In fact, it’s far from it. Dive into a world where jobs aren’t just about paychecks, but about passion, peculiarity, and sometimes, the downright bizarre.

Christmas Fun Facts!

From Advent to Xmas, Interesting Trivia and Amazing Fun Facts about Festive Holiday Traditions from around the World​

Inside this festive THREE-HOUR, easy-to-read book, 

you’ll discover over 500 fascinating facts and trivia about Christmas traditions from around the world.

About the Author

Marianne Jennings Author

Marianne Jennings is a multiple best-selling and award-winning author.

Her fun fact books have sold around 30,000 copies worldwide.

To help introduce other places, people, and cultures to others, she enjoys sharing interesting, unique and fun facts that are entertaining and memorable.

She is a self-proclaimed adventure craver and an adventure addict. She proudly holds the title of favorite aunt to her eleven nieces and nephews, and is a lover of new foods and new experiences.

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