Christmas Fun Facts!
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Christmas Fun Facts!

From Advent to Xmas, Interesting Trivia and Amazing Fun Facts about Festive Holiday Traditions from around the World

🌟 The most magical time of the year is about to get even more interesting! 🌟


Have You Ever Wondered:

  • Why people in Japan celebrate Christmas with KFC?
  • What Ukrainian Christmas trees have in common with spiderwebs?
  • What other countries leave out for the jolly old man on Christmas Eve?
  • What the most hated Christmas songs are?
  • Where the “X” in Xmas comes from and why its roots are deeply Christian?


Inside this festive THREE-HOUR, easy-to-read book, you’ll discover over 500 fascinating facts and trivia about Christmas traditions from around the world.


Whether you’re a lifelong Christmas lover, a curious explorer of traditions from around the world, or just someone who enjoys interesting, fun facts, this book promises to enchant, amaze and thrill you.


🌟 Quiz Yourself! 🌟

As a bonus, there’s a fun short quiz with answers at the end to test you and your friends to see who truly “sleighed” the holiday trivia.


Ideal for holiday get-togethers, cozy evenings by the fire, white elephant gifts and secret Santa gifts or for challenging your family and friends to a Yuletide showdown. It’s a joyful way to conclude your festive journey and spread the holiday cheer. Ready to claim the title of Christmas trivia champion? 📖🌟🎄

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Inside you'll discover over over 500 fascinating facts and trivia about Christmas traditions from around the world.



Did you know the evergreen fir tree has traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals—both Pagan and Christian—for thousands of years? The green branches serve as a vivid reminder that spring will return.


When it comes to choosing the perfect Christmas tree, different countries have certain preferences. This depends on cultural traditions, personal preferences, and what’s available.


The crews onboard the International Space Station celebrate Christmas at two different times. Most astronauts celebrate on December 25th. But the Russians celebrate the Orthodox Christmas, which falls on January 7th. 


There’s a box of Christmas decorations on the ISS that crews use to make the place feel more festive around the holidays. The decorations include plastic strings of lights, Santa hats, Christmas stockings and a Christmas tree just a little over one foot tall.


The tradition of children leaving treats for Santa Claus varies across different cultures and countries, adding unique touches to this charming custom.

🇺🇸 🇨🇦 United States and Canada

Children in the U.S. and Canada often leave a glass of milk and cookies for Santa and often a carrot or two for Santa’s reindeer.

🇬🇧🇮🇪 UK and Ireland

Children in the UK and Ireland often leave out mince pies and a glass of sherry or a non-alcoholic drink for Father Christmas.

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Five Stars Readers' Favorite Reviews

Christmas Fun Facts! was awarded three separate 5-Star reviews from Readers’ Favorite reviewers. Read more below.

What Readers Are Saying...

A festive blend of entertainment and education.

This delightful exploration of diverse and fascinating traditions explores what makes Christmas a global celebration. In this concise yet comprehensive book, Jennings takes readers on a journey through over 500 intriguing facts and trivia about Christmas. From the peculiar tradition of celebrating Christmas with KFC in Japan to the connection between Ukrainian Christmas trees and spiderwebs, the book is a treasure trove of knowledge.

It goes beyond the well-known aspects of Christmas to uncover lesser-known customs and rituals from various cultures.
K.C. Finn
Readers Favorite Reviewer
So much to learn and love in this compact volume packed with facts.

What a delight Christmas Fun Facts! is.

As a family, we had a wonderful time doing our best to read the Christmas quotes aloud in the voice of the person who said them and quizzing one another with the questions at the end. My daughter said it was the most fun she had on a test, ever!

The most interesting parts to me were pertaining to the history of Christmas, while my husband was completely engrossed in how holidays are allocated and celebrated on the International Space Station.

Jennings does an excellent job of piecemealing the facts into incremental bites, each one standing out and being just as interesting as the next. Overall, this exhaustively researched and efficiently presented book is the perfect addition to the festivities and cheer of the season. Very highly recommended.
Jamie Michele
Readers' Favorite Reviewer
A wonderful collection overflowing with eye-opening information about Christmas.

I enjoyed every chapter and loved learning about how different cultures celebrate Christmas. Any reader is bound to come across fun facts that they did not know about and expand their knowledge on the features that are related to Christmas and other holidays celebrated during Christmas time.

The collection is comprehensive and will be a suitable gift for loved ones during the festive season. It includes an engaging quiz at the end that readers can enjoy with friends or family.

The perfect read for the holiday season.
Edith Wairimu
Readers' Favorite Reviewer

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Christmas Fun Fact Book Paperback Mockup
Christmas Fun Facts!

About the Author

Marianne Jennings Author

Marianne Jennings is a multiple best-selling and award-winning author. 


Marianne Jennings, with a twinkle in her eye reminiscent of the North Star, ventures through life with the joyous spirit of a child on Christmas morning. Esteemed by her ten nieces and nephews as the best storyteller (and cookie baker) this side of the North Pole, she fills their lives with tales, laughter, and the magic of Christmas. 


Her fascination for Yuletide trivia? It’s as profound as an elf’s love for candy canes and gift-wrapping marathons. With a heart full of festive warmth and a sleigh-load of fun facts, Marianne’s aim is to gift the world snippets of joy, wrapped in tidbits of fascinating truths. 


For a dash more Christmas cheer, a sleigh ride of facts, or a hearty holiday chat, meet Marianne under the mistletoe on her newsletter (sign up below) or jingle alongside her festive posts on Instagram.

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