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I'm Marianne.

I loves facts and trivia like Canadians love maple syrup, like Astronauts love Tang, and Alaskans love their Xtratufs.


To help introduce other places, people, and cultures to others, I enjoy sharing interesting and fun facts that are entertaining and memorable.


Marianne Jennings is a multiple best-selling and award-winning author. 


Marianne Jennings is a self-proclaimed adventure craver and an adventure addict.


By day, she works a regular 9-to-5 job where she gets to help people become better learners. 


By night, she writes facts and trivia books while also plotting  her next epic adventure.

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  • I’m the only girl with 4 younger brothers
  • Have visited 6 of the 7 continents
  • I can lift one eyebrow at a time, but struggle with winking
  • I don’t watch scary movies
  • I have a thing about needing to know where North is
  • I’m only afraid of heights when in the ocean
  • I have a scar on my foot from cutting it accidentally on the cage while shark cage diving in Hawaii.
  • Cheese is my favorite and have never tried a cheese I didn’t like

A Few of My Favorite Facts from my Books...

Christmas Fun Fact Book Paperback Mockup
Christmas Fun Facts!

Christmas Fun Facts!


  • WHY “X” IN XMAS?  ✝️ – The abbreviation “Xmas” for “Christmas” originates from the Greek letter “Chi”, which looks like an “X” and is the first letter of the Greek word for “Christ.” Early Christians used “X” as a shorthand for “Christ”, and over time, this merged with “mas”, a shortened form of the Old English word for the Christian celebration. Despite its religious origins, some today view “Xmas” as secular or disrespectful, though its roots are deeply Christian.

  • RUDOLPH IS TRADEMARKED 🦌 Rudolph is one of the few reindeer whose name and even  likeness are trademarked. The Rudolph Company, set up by Robert L. May before he died in 1976, owns the trademark to Rudolph.

  • DECEMBER IS THE MONTH OF BEGINNINGS! 👶 Did you know that September is the most popular birth month? It turns out that all those cozy holiday celebrations and winter wonderland vibes in December can lead to a higher rate of conceptions. With September being the top month for birthdays, it’s safe to say that December is a month of beginnings in more ways than one!

Quirky Careers & Offbeat Occupations


  • LORE WRITERS – A gameplay balancer or game balancer helps make a game fair, fun, challenging, and an enjoyable experience. They use data and feedback to guide their decisions, but they also rely on intuition and experience to ensure the game feels right.
  • PROFESSIONAL CUDDLER – Professional cuddlers provide platonic physical touch and emotional support to clients who may be feeling lonely or in need of comfort. There are actual certifications and training programs for those interested in becoming professional cuddlers. These programs teach boundaries, communication, and the therapeutic aspects of touch.
  • ASH SCATTERING PILOTAsh scattering pilots (sometimes called angel pilots) are licensed pilots who specialize in scattering the cremated remains of deceased people from airplanes. They work with families to choose a scattering location that is meaningful to the deceased, and then fly them to that location to scatter the ashes. They must be familiar with the laws and regulations regarding ash scattering in their area.
Quirky Careers & Offbeat Occupations

Amazing Alaska!


    If you use a QWERTY keyboard, which most of us do, you may be surprised to learn that Alaska can be typed out ONLY using letters from the middle line. No other U.S. state can say the same.

  • HOT, BUT NOT THAT HOT – Alaska has never recorded high temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8°C).

  • DELIVERED BY REINDEER? – The US mail gets delivered a variety of ways in Alaska: by road, air, boat, dog sled and snowmachine. In the past, the mail has even been delivered by a sled pulled by reindeer.

  • BALD EAGLES – Bald eagles make a chirping sound, not the screech that is often dubbed into movies/tv shows.

    The geographical boundary between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres in the Pacific is the 180th meridian. Alaska’s Aleutian Islands extend across the 180° meridian of longitude. 

    This means that Alaska is in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

Everything About Astronauts: Vol. 2


  • IT’S COMMON TO LAUGH – After the engines shut off and astronauts have escaped Earth’s gravity, hair starts to float and other items around them float by. This is an out-of-this-world experience, for which laughter is the most common response. The astronauts just survived a very dangerous thing by launching into space on top of a rocket. Laughing is also a way of releasing a huge sense of relief of getting to where they are.

    It’s normal for residents to leave their cars unlocked to offer an escape for this exact situation.

  • INSPECTING THE GLOVES – At every sunrise and sunset, astronauts will inspect their gloves carefully for any leaks that may have developed while out on their spacewalks. They need to make sure they haven’t snagged the gloves or worn through them.

  • LEAST POPULAR SPACE FOOD – Maybe because they can lead to flatulence, or simply because astronauts just don’t care for them, but Brussels sprouts are the least-requested food item for those headed to the ISS.

Everything About Astronauts: Vol. 1


  • LEFT FOOT FIRST – The first step on the Moon taken by Neil Armstrong was with his left foot.

  • YO-YOS – Apollo 17’s Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt brought two Yo-Yos to the Moon with them. While they were instructed to leave them, they both brought them back. Cernan’s yo-yo was sold at an auction in 2006 for $50,000.

  • ASTRO + NAUT = STAR SAILOR – The “astro” part of astronaut comes from the Greek word “astron,” meaning “star.” Astronauts most often refer to people from the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan who travel into space. NASA scientists thought they were the first to coin the word astronaut in the 1950s, but science fiction has used the term since the 1920s

So You Think You Canada, Eh? 


  • POLAR BEAR SAFETY – If you’re in Churchill, Canada and run into a polar bear, you can escape by finding the closest car and getting in.

    It’s normal for residents to leave their cars unlocked to offer an escape for this exact situation.

  • MAC & CHEESE – Canadians love their mac & cheese. They eat more Kraft macaroni and cheese than any other nation in the world.

  • THE WALKIE-TALKIE – A portable radio signaling system was invented in 1937 by Canadian inventor Donald Hings. It was originally called the “packset.” The first model was not hand held, but was a pack worn on the back.