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Amazing Alaska! UK & Australia Book Cover
US & Canada Book Cover
Fall in Love with Alaska through Interesting Fun Facts and Fantastic Stories for the Entire Family
How well do you REALLY know Alaska? 


Do you know:
  • How Bob Ross, his happy little trees and Alaska are all connected? 
  • Why hikers in Alaska don’t have to worry about poison ivy? 
  • What Alaskans call “Alaskan Sneakers”?
  • How much the U.S. paid for Alaska?
  • Why Alaskans plug in their cars during the winter? 

Inside this THREE-HOUReasy-to-read book, you’ll fall in love with Alaska as you discover over 700 wild and interesting fun facts and larger-than-life stories perfect for the entire family!


Whether you’re an Alaska native, a trivia buff, or an adventure seeker, this book promises to delight, enlighten, and surprise you.


Quiz Yourself!

As a fun bonus and to test how well you and your friends REALLY know Alaska, there’s a fun short quiz with answers at the end to test your Alaskan knowledge.

Everything About Astronauts Vol. 2

Have you ever wondered…

  • Why you would find body bags and birth control on the space station?
  • Why astronauts don’t eat Astronaut Ice Cream in space?
  • What the red button in Launch Control is actually for?
  • Why losing fingernails is a common space injury?
  • Which Hollywood superhero costume designer designed the new spacesuits?

Volume 2 covers intriguing topics about what it’s like to live and work in space, what foods astronauts can and can’t eat, random space records, weird space injuries and so much more.

Everything About Astronauts Volume 2
Everything About Astronauts Volume 1

Everything About Astronauts Vol. 1

Have you ever asked?

  • What were the 106 items the Apollo 11 crew left on the Moon?
  • What does moon dust smell like?
  • What kind of crazy tests do space agencies put astronaut applicants through?
  • How much do astronauts get paid?

Volume 1 covers entertaining topics about what it takes to become an astronaut, how astronauts trained to go to the Moon, little-known facts about famous astronauts and so much more.

My Award-Winning & Best-Selling Canada Fun Fact Book

So You Think You Know Canada, Eh?

Gold Medal Winner and #1 Bestseller in both Canadian Travel & Trivia and Fun Facts – This collection of silly & interesting facts is about Canada, the kind people who live there, all things maple syrup, hockey & lacrosse, its unique history, the breathtaking nature, & words to help you speak Canadian. 

If you’re Canadian, know any Canadians, or have ever wanted to know more about Canada, this fun little fact book will help.

As a fun bonus and to test how well you and your friends REALLY know Canada, there’s a fun short quiz with answers at the end to test your Canadian knowledge.

Canada Fun Fact Book - 3D Mockup

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