Amazing Alaska!

Fall in Love with Alaska through Interesting Fun Facts and Fantastic Stories for the Entire Family

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Inside you'll discover over 600 fun facts about Alaska including:

Polar Bears are Marine Mammals

Because they spend most of their lives on the Arctic Ocean Sea ice, Alaska’s polar bears are considered a marine mammal and are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Closer to Tokyo than NYC

Alaska is almost as close to Tokyo (3,520 miles, or 5665 km) as it is to New York City (3,280 miles, or 5,279 km).

Locals plug in their cars

Plugging in vehicles during winter is a common practice to prevent the engine and other components from freezing. Winter temperatures in Alaska can drop to extremely low levels, causing engine oil, transmission fluid, and other fluids to freeze.

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Amazing Alaska! was awarded three separate 5-Star reviews from Readers' Favorite reviewers. Read more below.

Amazing Alaska! is a useful guide filled with details and quirky laws found in this stunning state. It is perfect for travelers, students, and those interested in learning more about Alaska.
Liz Konkel
Readers' Favorite Reviewer
Learn some fun facts and trivia about one of the most gorgeous states of America with "Amazing Alaska!" by Marianne Jennings. "Amazing Alaska!" is a must-read for anyone who is a traveler or an adventurer, or even someone who just loves to learn about exotic places.
Pikasho Deka
Readers' Favorite Reviewer
Marianne Jennings relates the beauty and mystery of the largest state in the United States in a fun and informative way. Readers will be amazed by the facts they learn as they read through the text. Jennings has a narrative style that engages readers, so they keep turning pages. The sections are short and full of information but clearly labeled, so readers can jump into a topic that interests them or devour the book from beginning to end. "Amazing Alaska!" is a great selection for anyone planning a visit or move to the state or readers who enjoy learning little-known tidbits and history about certain locations.
Courtnee Turner Hoyle
Readers' Favorite Reviewer

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