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Everything About Astronauts Volume 1

Vol 1. Launching Very Soon!

Have you ever asked…

  • What were the 106 items the Apollo 11 crew left on the Moon?
  • What does moon dust smell like?
  • What kind of crazy tests do space agencies put astronaut applicants through?
  • How much do astronauts get paid?

Teens and adults who love astronauts, fun facts, and little-known stories will find themselves mesmerized with over 600 interesting facts and out-of-world stories. 

Volume 1 covers entertaining topics about what it takes to become an astronaut, how astronauts trained to go to the Moon, little-known facts about famous astronauts and so much more.

Quiz Yourself!

Inside you’ll find a fun, short quiz to see how much you and your friends know about astronauts.

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Volume 2 Coming Soon!

Have you ever wondered…

  • Why you would find bodybags and birth control on the space station?
  • Why astronauts don’t eat Astronaut Ice Cream in space?
  • What the red button in Launch Control is actually for?
  • Why losing fingernails is a common space injury?
  • Which Hollywood superhero costume designer designed the new spacesuits?

Volume 2 covers intriguing topics about what it’s like to live and work in space, what foods astronauts can and can’t eat, random space records, weird space injuries and so much more.

3D Mockup Vol 2 - Everything About Astronauts

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