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So You Think You Know CANADA, Eh?

Fascinating Fun Facts and Trivia about Canada for the Entire Family

How well do you REALLY know Canada?

Did you know:

  • Santa Claus is a Canadian citizen?
  • That hockey is NOT the official national sport of Canada?
  • Canadian passports are one of the few that have hidden images within its pages?
  • Canada could have been named Britannia or Borealia?
  • Parts of Canada are as cold as Mars?
  • A Canadian pharmacist invented peanut butter?

If you’re Canadian, know any Canadians, or have ever wanted to know more about Canada, this fun little fact book will help.

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Over 260 Weird, Fun, and Interesting Facts about Canada


Winnie The Pooh

Famous author, A.A. Milne named Winnie-the-Pooh after a real orphaned, black bear cub named Winnipeg who was transferred from Canada to the London Zoo.

The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II of England is also the Queen of Canada and the head of the state. Canadians can order a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and have it shipped to them for free.

Cards used as money

Did You Know? Due to a chronic shortage of coinage in 1685, playing cards were once used as currency in Canada.

See how well you REALLY know Canada

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