Disney’s “Turning Red” is full of Canadian Easter Eggs, Symbols and References

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In case you haven’t noticed, Disney’s latest animated film, “Turning Red,” is one of the biggest movies right now. 

It’s based in Toronto, Ontario Canada and is packed full of Canadian Easter Eggs, Canadian Symbols and other fun Canadian references. 

*Spoiler Alert:

Now if you haven’t yet seen the movie, you may want to hold off on reading because there may be a few spoilers. 

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Obvious Canadian References

Canada Flag

Canada’s flag makes several appearances. Some obvious and some not so obvious. 

How many of these did you spot? 

These were easy to spot, the two Canadian flags on the outside of the school.

Turning Red Movie - Canadan Easter Egg - Canada Flags outside school

The small Canadian flag stuck just outside the classroom door.

Turning Red Movie - Canadian Flag outside classroom

Again, this Canadian flag was hard to miss. 

Turning Red Movie - Canadian Flag backdrop

Canadian Food & Snacks


These famous Canadian snacks show up at least twice in Disney’s “Turning Red.” Most people spotted them inside Mai Mai’s home, but did you get the second reference?

Timbits for breakfast

Turning Red Movie - Canadian References - TIbits at Mai Mai's house

Did you notice the Timbits at Tyler’s Party?

Turning Red Movie - Canadian References - Timbits at the Party
Ketchup-flavored Potato Chips

Fun Fact: Canada is the only place in the world where you will find ketchup-flavored potato chips. In “Turning Red,” these show up in a red Pringles’-like container labeled as “Potato Crisps.” 


These show up again at Tyler’s party, but also at the Daisy Mart. 

Turning Red Movie - Canadian References - Ketchup-flavoured chips

Not only will you spot the potato chips, but a few other treats that look very similar to other Canadian favorites. The Snackies look a lot like Smarties

Turning Red Movie Canadian Reference Ketchup flavoured potato chips
Bagged Milk

Fun Fact:

Milk used to come in heavy glass bottles and in 1967, Canada started using plastic bags instead.

Bagged milk is more practical and cost-effective and Canada isn’t the only country with bagged milk, but it’s not something many Americans have seen.

You’ll see 2 different references to bagged milk. The larger bags in the refrigerator section. The second is an ad on the store window for small bags of milk.

Turning Red Movie Canadian Reference Bagged Milk
Turning Red Movie Canadian reference - small bagged milk
Maple Syrup

A movie based in Canada needs to show Canadian syrup, and “Turning Red,” did. 

Fun Fact:

CANADA IS KING WHEN IT COMES TO MAKING MAPLE SYRUP. More than 75% of the maple syrup in the world is made in Quebec, Canada.

Other regions where syrup is made include Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.

Glass bottles of maple syrup in the shape of maple leaves can be found on the top shelf at the Daisy Mart.

Turning Red Movie Canadian References - Maple Syrup

Famous Canadian Symbols & References

Maple Leaf Appearances

Fun Fact: 

The maple leaf has been used as a Canadian symbol since the 18th century. The red maple leaf featured on the flag has 11 points, but have no special meaning.

How many of these Maple leaf Easter Eggs did you spot?
Maple Leaf-shaped air freshener
Turning Red Canadian Reference - Maple Leaf shaped air freshener

The LOVE Canada shirt with the maple leaf.

Turning Red Movie Canadian References - Love Canada shirt

If you missed this one, then you may want to watch “Turning Red” again. Canada’s famous maple leaf symbol is found on Mai Mai’s shirt she wears to bed. 

Turning Red Canadian Reference Maple Leaf T-Shirt
Turning Red Canadian Reference - Maple Leaf Toque or Beanie
Canadian Moose

The Moose is another Canadian symbol that is classic Canada. This reference was a fun one. 

The Canadian Moose bobblehead can be found in Ming’s car dashboard.

Turning Red Movie Canadian Reference - Canadian Moose bobblehead
Canada’s National Animal = The North American Beaver

Fun Fact:

The beaver has been an important part of Canada’s history and was a big part in the fur trade.

A few fun facts about beavers: they are excellent swimmers and can stay underwater for up to 15 minutes.

Mai Mai’s school mascot is the beaver. It shows up in a few different places. How many did you find? 

Just inside the school, there’s a huge sign.

Turning Red Movie - Canadian Reference - Beavers are their school mascot

This same school logo with the beaver mascot is found on their gym shirts. 

Turning Red Movie Canadian Reference - School Mascot and logo on their gym shirts

The Beaver Football poster hung inside the school.

Turning Red Movie - Canadian Reference - Beaver Football

In the display case, there are at least two different pieces of Native Canadian artwork portraying the beaver. 

Turning Red Movie - Canadian references - Native Canadian artwork

Canadian Hockey References

Hockey references show up several times through “Turning Red.” How many of these did you notice?

Poster on the wall behind the counter in the Daisy Mart. 

Turning Red Movie Hockey Reference - Toronto Hockey poster

Two Canadian hockey references showed up in the shot with Mai Mai’s math teacher. 

1980 Winter Games Hockey Poster and the little stuffed bear on the shelf with the Toronto Maple Leaf’s mascot, Carlton.

Turning Red Movie - Hockey references - Winter Games

More Fun “Turning Red” Canadian References

Canada’s National Indigenous Peoples History Month

Fun Fact:

Every June, Canadians celebrate National Indigenous Peoples History. There’s even a National Indigenous Peoples Day that is celebrated on June 21st. This special day often falls on the summer solstice, which is a special occasion to many of the indigenous people. 

This day and this month is for all Canadians to celebrate and recognize Native Canadian culture, accomplishments and unique heritage. 

There are three different aboriginal groups in Canada – First Nation, Inuit and Métis.


Turning Red’s National Indigenous Peoples History Month Easter Egg

In “Turning Red,” the marque outside of Mai Mai’s school mentions Canada’s Indigenous Peoples History Month.

Interestingly, the movie takes place in May, rather than June, which the school marque seems to allude to. 

Turning Red Movie - Canadian Reference - Canadian Indigenous People's History Month
Turning Red Movie Canadian References - Coins
Turning Red Movie - Canadian References Canadian bills

Ontario, Canada References

The CN Tower or Canada’s National Tower

It’s hard to miss the CN Tower in the cityscape views during the movie. 

Turning Red Movie - Canadian Reference - The CN Tower

Fun Fact: Once the tallest freestanding tower in the world, until 2007, the CN Tower is now the third-tallest tower in the world, but remains the tallest in the western hemisphere.

More than 1.5 million visitors come each year to check out one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

The CN Tower is struck by lightning an average of 75 times per year. To prevent damage, long copper strips run down the length of the tower to grounding rods that are buried below ground.

The Ontario License Plate
Turning Red Movie - Canadian Reference - Ontario License Plate

Not only is the license plate spot on and includes Ontario’s motto, “Yours to Discover,” did you spot the sneaky maple leaf as the car’s hood/bonnet ornament? 


The SkyDome

The SkyDome arena is a classic reference to Toronto, but it’s now called the Rogers Centre. It was SkyDome until 2005.

Turning Red Movie Canadian Reference SkyDome
Old TTC Streetcars

TTC stands for Toronto Transit Commission and the streetcars featured in “Turning Red,” are the older CLRV (Canadian Light Rail Vehicle) models that were phased out and eventually retired in 2019.

What did I miss?

If you caught some Canadian references in Disney’s “Turning Red” that I missed, please let me know in the comments. 


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Turning Red Movie Canadian Easter Eggs and References