Author’s Favorite Alaska Fun Facts

Amazing Alaska

I adore Alaska!


Everything about it! Always have. I find it magical, rugged, full of adventure and fascinating people and culture.


Writing a fun fact book about Alaska probably shouldn’t have taken me very long, but the more I wrote, the more I learned, and the more I learned, the more I wrote.


So what started as a 3-month project turned into an 8-month project. But I learned so much and wanted to share a few of my favorite fun facts and interesting tidbits I learned along the way.

You Can Watch Bears Catch Salmon Live on a Webcam in Katmai National Park

During the summer, Katmai National Park turns on their live webcam at Brooks River. Here you can watch the bears feast on salmon, spot a bald eagle or two, and even the occasional wolf trying to get in on the salmon action. 


Bears have been known to catch more than 30 salmon per day during the peak season in late June and July.


Watch it here: https://bit.ly/Katmai-Bear-Cam

Bald Eagles don't screech, they chirp

Bald eagles make a chirping sound, not the screech that is often dubbed into movies/tv shows.


Bald eagles have a distinctive sound that is often compared to a series of high-pitched whistles or chirps. Their usual call can be described as soft, staccato whistles — a rhythmic kleek kik ik ik ik, somewhat similar to a gull’s call. These vocalizations serve as a means of communication among couples and between parents and their young.


Contrary to popular belief, the powerful, piercing cry often associated with eagles in films is not typically the call of a bald eagle. More often than not, that intense scream is attributed to a red-tailed hawk.

No Poison Oak or Poison Ivy in Alaska

Alaska and Hawaii are the only US states that do not have poison ivy or poison oak.

Alaska-proofing the Kids

Children in Alaska are taught survival skills from an early age. As one example, in Ketchikan, the kids have swimming lessons as part of their curriculum in the young elementary grades.


In later elementary grades they have survival training and in 8th grade they do an overnight survival trip to an island with a coffee can of supplies and a tarp. The kids are taught wilderness first aid, how to stay safe from wild animals and which plants and animals are safe to eat and which are harmful or deadly.


The kids in Southeast Alaska have beach days during low tides to learn about and experience first-hand the things they have been learning.

Alaska can get hot, but not that hot

Alaska has never recorded high temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8°C).

Alaska is in Two Hemispheres

The geographical boundary between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres in the Pacific is the 180th meridian. Alaska’s Aleutian Islands extend across the 180° meridian of longitude.

This means that Alaska is in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

Favorite Alaskan Quotes

Here are just a handful of funny quotes that do a fairly good job encompassing the delightful quirkiness of Alaska. Enjoy!

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