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Quick Summary

Fact-checked & More Fun Facts than the Competition

Do you know how AMAZING Alaska really is?


Do you know:

  • How Bob Ross, his happy little trees and Alaska are all connected?
  • Why hikers in Alaska don’t have to worry about poison ivy?
  • What Alaskans call “Alaskan Sneakers”?
  • How much the U.S. paid for Alaska?
  • Why Alaskans plug in their cars during the winter?


Inside this fact-checked, THREE-HOUR, easy-to-read book, you’ll fall in love with Alaska as you discover over 700 wild and interesting fun facts, stunning images and visuals, and larger-than-life stories perfect for the entire family!

This truly is the ultimate Alaska fun fact book! It’s packed with more fun facts than any other book out there. And the best part? It’s filled with amazing pictures that show you just how incredible Alaska truly is!


Whether you’re an Alaska native, a trivia buff, or an adventure seeker, this book promises to delight, enlighten, and surprise you.


★ Quiz Yourself! ★

As a fun bonus and to test how well you and your friends REALLY know Alaska, there’s a fun short quiz with answers at the end to test your Alaskan knowledge.

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