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Everything About Astronauts - Vol. 2

Fascinating Fun Facts and Trivia about Astronauts for Teens and Adults

Have you ever wondered…

  • Why you would find body bags and birth control on the space station?
  • Why astronauts don’t eat Astronaut Ice Cream in space?
  • What the red button in Launch Control is actually for?
  • Why losing fingernails is a common space injury?
  • Which Hollywood superhero costume designer designed the new spacesuits?

Teens and adults who love astronauts, fun facts, and little-known stories will find themselves mesmerized with over 800 interesting facts and out-of-world stories. 

Volume 2 covers intriguing topics about what it’s like to live and work in space, what foods astronauts can and can’t eat, random space records, weird space injuries and so much more.

Everything About Astronauts Volume 2

Over 800 Weird, Fun, and Interesting Facts about Astronauts



Strapping astronauts into their seats on the space shuttle took about an hour. After getting in and buckling up, a NASA worker would do one final check to make sure everyone was strapped in securely.

Sometimes during that final check, the worker would give the astronauts a kiss on the forehead and/or a note from their spouse or significant other.


It was only after NASA had developed a “sit-down” private toilet that women were recruited as astronauts and sent to space alongside the men.

While the toilet issue wasn’t the only reason NASA waited so long to send women astronauts, it was still a big factor.


Common tools like screwdrivers, spanners or wrenches, torque multipliers and drills are all used in space.

However, these tools have to be carefully designed to work well in space with an astronaut who is wearing a pressurized suit and bulky gloves.



What Readers are Saying...

I must tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading Vol. 2- a combination of being fascinated, horrified, amused, and intrigued! Some parts had me laughing out loud; other parts led me to look up more info. It kept me riveted from start to finish, and made me aware of many more space facts!
Galiah M.
Beta Reader
A well-researched and fun book. Hope to see many more on this or other topics.
Alicia K.
Beta Reader
I enjoyed the second one as much or more than the first.  The book moves along quickly, is incredibly informative, and I couldn't wait to get back into it. Tons of well-chosen photos, and stuff I didn't know before.”
Bryan R.
Beta Reader
What a fun and fascinating read! There is SO MUCH information in this short book to absorb that I will spend a lot of time reading and rereading it, and sharing tidbits with friends and family!
Vickie C.
Beta Reader

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Joe Wisinski
Joe Wisinski
Readers' Favorite Reviewer
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“I highly recommend this book…well researched and thorough.”
Emily-Jane Hills Orford
Emily-Jane Hills Orford
Readers Favorite Reviewer
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A fascinating and fun read for those interested in space travel
Philip Van Heusen
Philip Van Heusen
Readers' Favorite Reviewer
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Five-Stars “From traditions to things carried to the space station, this book has it all.
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