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Everything About Astronauts Volume 1 Book cover

Here's what you need to know:

Deadline for Feedback: August 15, 2021

Send your feedback and comments by the above date. 

I’d love to find out what you like, don’t like and any questions you might have about any of the facts.

No need to edit punctuation, spelling, sentence structures, etc. I have an editor that will be proofreading these types of things. 

There will be parts that flow onto following pages that will look awkward. These issues will all be fixed when it’s formatted for Kindle.

Please send your feedback, comments or questions to 


Your Advanced Reader Copy

Click the button below to download your copy of the e-book. It is a PDF file. 

This is still a working draft, so you will notice that not all of the links are active and the cover isn’t included.

This book can be read front to back or by topic. It’s similar to a “bathroom reader” type of book. 

Email Reminder and Dates

I will be sending out a reminder before the deadline (Sunday, August 15th), to gently remind you to send any feedback you might have. 

When the final, polished book launches on Amazon, I will make it FREE for 1 to 2 days. 

I will invite you to download the book while it’s free and leave an honest review. 

This not only helps me but will help others know if they’ll enjoy the book or not. 

If you would like to be a reviewer, but cannot make this timeline please send me an email at: marianne@knowledgenuggetbooks.com