Book 1 of Knowledge Nuggets

So You Think You Know CANADA, EH?

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Have you been to Canada or are traveling to Canada soon? Do you know any Canadians? Are you looking for some fascinating facts and entertaining trivia to share with friends and family?

Inside you’ll learn why Canadians:

  • consider Santa Claus a Canadian citizen
  • have an emergency supply of maple syrup
  • use frozen hockey pucks
  • sometimes leave their car doors unlocked for strangers to escape
  • avoid swearing at their mothers in public in Toronto
  • call their $1 coin a Loonie and their $2 coin a Toonie

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Canada, this book will help you discover fun nuggets of knowledge about the kind people who live there, all things maple syrup, a list of cool Canadian inventions, famous and amazing Canadians, unique history, the breathtaking nature, and a few words to help you speak Canadian.


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Joyful and beautiful adventure. It will take you to landscapes never seen before!
Tiffany James


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