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Everything About Astronauts
Vol 1

So You Think You Know Canada, Eh?

Cover of So You Think You Know Canada, Eh?
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What others have said...

What a fun, interesting little read! You did an exceptional job! And oh my goodness, the amount of research you put in! Things I found particularly interesting: The Thousand Cranes Test, how astronauts used autograph "covers" as insurance, that someone gets to choose wakeup music for people up in space (I want to do that!), how the space missions got their names, that Playtex made the spacesuits!, and how much debris (junk) has been left on the moon! And the glossary at the end is super helpful.
Laura S.
"Everything About Astronauts" Reader
I love, love, love this book! You cover so many things about being an astronaut that I didn't even think to ask. It is a great resource for anyone that wants to know ANYTHING about being an astronaut, past, present and future. The book is aptly titled. Jam packed with interesting and fascinating facts. We often get caught up the awe of space and there are lots of books about space and space travel, but this is the best book I've seen on astronauts and mechanics of space travel.
"Everything About Astronauts" Reader
"I just finished reading your astronaut fun facts book, and I have to say it is INCREDIBLE! While I consider myself to be a well-read person, particularly in the space field, I learned many new facts. Your book presented a vast array of information in a highly intriguing, engaging manner. I greatly appreciated the detailed footnotes and sources. It was very well-organized, reader-friendly, and guaranteed to appeal to a variety of readers."
Galiah M.
"Everything About Astronauts" Reader