Write to Santa: How to Send Your Letter to the North Pole and Help Make Wishes Come True

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Write to Santa: How to Send Your Letter to the North Pole and Help Make Wishes Come True

The holiday season is here, and it’s time to send your letters to Santa Claus! But did you know that you can also help make others’ wishes come true? This post will guide you on how to send your letters to Santa and adopt letters to help fulfill children’s Christmas wishes in different countries.


Writing to Santa
Traditional Mail:
Santa’s Official Postal Addresses
United States: 

Santa Claus

123 Elf Road

North Pole, 88888


Santa Claus,

North Pole,

H0H 0H0, Canada​​


In Canada, no stamps are required to mail a letter to Santa within the country. Include your return address and drop the letter in any Canada Post mailbox or post office​​.

United Kingdom: 

Santa/Father Christmas

Santa’s Grotto

Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ​​



Havnebakken 6,

1440 Drøbak,






The Australian Post provides templates and guidelines for sending letters, ensuring they reach Santa in time for a reply.

Modern Cheerful Illustration showing children emailing Santa Claus
Emailing Santa



A fun way for children to email Santa and get an instant reply.


NorthPole.com: Offers a personalized email service from Santa.


In the UK, Braille replies can be arranged by emailing santamail@royalmail.com or by writing to the usual address​​.

Santa speaks all the languages

Santa Claus, known for his magical ability to deliver gifts to children around the world in a single night, is also celebrated for his linguistic prowess. A heartwarming aspect of Santa Claus is that he can speak and understand all languages. This means that when children write to him in their native language, Santa often responds in the same language.


This tradition adds a personal and inclusive touch to the legend, as it ensures that children from diverse linguistic backgrounds feel heard and understood by Santa.


This notion is supported by various postal services worldwide that assist Santa in replying to letters. For example, Canada Post, which has been helping Santa answer his mail for over 40 years, mentions that Santa loves reading all the letters sent to him, implying a multilingual capability. Similarly, in the UK, the Royal Mail service allows children to write to Santa, and they make an effort to respond. These services, among others, help uphold the magical idea that Santa can communicate with children in their own language, further nurturing the enchanting and inclusive spirit of the holiday season.

Diverse group of people helping to answer Santa letters

Adopting Letters to Help Santa

After exploring where and how to send letters to Santa, you might be wondering how you can add a little more magic to the season. The answer lies in adopting letters to Santa, a heartwarming opportunity to bring smiles to children’s faces.

Across the world, many postal services offer programs that allow you to “adopt” a child’s letter to Santa. By doing so, you can purchase and send gifts in response to their Christmas wishes. This act of kindness not only fulfills a child’s holiday dream but also embodies the true spirit of giving.


How to Participate:
  1. Choose a Program: Look for a local or national postal service that offers a letter adoption program. For example, the USPS Operation Santa in the United States allows individuals to read and adopt children’s letters online.

  2. Select a Letter: Browse through the letters and choose one that resonates with you. It could be a wish for a toy, a book, or something as simple as warm winter clothing.

  3. Become Santa: Purchase the gifts the child has asked for, and follow the program’s guidelines to send them. This could involve mailing the gifts or dropping them off at a designated location.

  4. Spread the Joy: Remember, it’s not just about the gifts, but also about the message of love and hope you’re sending. You’re helping keep the magic of Santa alive!


Adopting a letter to Santa is more than a charitable act; it’s a way to connect with your community and make a tangible difference in a child’s life. It’s a chance to teach your own family about the joys of giving and to celebrate the true essence of the holiday season. So, as you pen your letter to Santa this year, consider also opening your heart to a child’s wish and becoming a part of this beautiful tradition.


United States:
USPS Operation Santa
  • Visit USPSOperationSanta.com to read and adopt letters​​.
  • Letter adopters are responsible for shipping costs​​.
  • Businesses and organizations can form teams to adopt letters​​.
Canada: Canada Post’s Santa Letter Program
  • Canada Post does not seem to have a letter adoption program similar to USPS Operation Santa. However, they do help Santa answer over one million letters each year from around the world​​.
United Kingdom: Royal Mail
  • Royal Mail does not appear to offer a letter adoption program either. However, children can send letters to Santa and receive a reply​​.

🎅🏼 Sending a letter to Santa is a magical part of the holiday season, and while we may not all be able to adopt letters, we can still spread joy in other ways. Remember, the spirit of Christmas is about sharing, caring, and bringing a little extra happiness to those around us.

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